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Curtis is a mutli-instrumentalist who began playing guitar at 7 years old, influenced by Eric Clapton and the styles of Steve vai, John Sykes and neil Schon. At only 10 years old he made his first public appearance as guest guitarist with rock super group 'Nazareth' which inspired him to form his own band 'Enchanted'. Enchanted went on to support David Coverdale's mighty Whitesnake and Wishbone ash on their european tours. Curtis Wrote his first album in 1997 entitled 'The beginning' and a second 'Raging Fires' quickly followed. He released two singles through 'Lemon Media' one of which was used on a car advert in Nashville, America. The band eventually disbanded and Curtis commenced work as a session player in various tours and theatre shows. In 2002 he produced his own Rock show- 'Ghost' along with partner kerry, which successfully toured venues around the world. Curtis possesses a natural flair for performing and his outstanding stage presence has made him well established in the music industry. Curtis combines performing in his own band 'Final Warning' alongside a Head of Music Role at EMPA academy and examining contracts with RSL Music qualifications.  

Curtis Senior- Guitar

Chris Miggells is a concert pianist, recording artist and composer. In 2014, his solo piano recordings achieved the #1 position in the ReverbNation classical charts. Chris started playing the piano at the age of 12. Whilst still only 15, he won the Ord Hume trophy first prize for three consecutive years. Chris then won all successive auditions to perform a recital at Rotary’s Young Musicians of the Year Concert, held at Derby’s Great Assembly Rooms. Chris achieved a Higher National Diploma in Music Performance and went on to fulfil a Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating with first class honours and Master’s degree in Music. 

Chris has received a number of prestigious composition commissions. . Chris also specialises in experimental composition, drawing from the realm of sonic arts and musical physics. He is also known for composing a range of virtuosic and reflective pieces for solo piano. Chris also has experience in orchestral scoring and soundtrack for motion picture. Chris combines a performing and compositional career with a teaching role at EMPA academy.

Callum Houghton has, at age 18, already been playing guitar and bass for six years and has been performing live professionally for over a year. He has played in signed, original bands, professional covers bands, thrown together bands, has hosted jam nights, has stood in at the last moment with bands and continues to take each new musical situation in his stride. Callum has travelled up and down the UK, playing to crowds big and small, in a great many different types of venue. He listens to anything and everything, giving him a great wealth of musical influences for his age – some of his favourites being Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Deep Purple and The Winery Dogs. His favourite bass players are Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan, Geezer Butler and Paul McCartney. Callum is currently studying at Derby College and intends to pursue a full-time career in music. Callum shows exceptional talent on the bass, with virtuoso techniques that are beyond his years

John Watt is an international session drummer and tutor.  

John started playing at the age of 18 and is entirely self taught. After 3 years he successfully auditioned for industrial metal act October File and has released 3 studio albums and a live DVD with the band via Candlelight Records. Since 2007 he has performed with the group at numerous festivals across Europe at events such as Download, Sonisphere, Metalcamp, Damnation, Bloodstock Open Air, HellFest, Rebellion and many more.  

In recent years John has focused more on his work as a session musician and has recorded or performed in genres ranging from pop and heavy metal to 60's rock & roll and even ceilidh for groups like EnkeliNation, Orgone Ocean Sonar, E of E, Sacrilegious Throne, Chasing Ghosts, Fjords and solo artists such as Andre Bakh, Tom Wills and Johnny Smith to name a few.  


Old Library Studios, Leeming Street,

Mansfield Nottinghamshire NG18 1NG


Chris Miggells - Keyboard

John Watt- Drums

Callum Houghton- Bass

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